Mailing Spam Check is available for free download.

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Archive file: 14 Mbytes (.zip)

You can download Mailing Check, and our free software tests your email content for spam check rates. Program archive is here (right-click on the button, then Save destination as… or Save as… to download) . Analyze now for free your email’s spam level!


  • Email content spam checker
  • Email spam rate points result
  • SpamAssassin engine
  • Email spam cleaning suggestions
  • Razor Engine
  • SURBL blacklists
  • Can check emails for spam rates before sending
  • Free download
  • Grows bulk email inbox rate

Get now your free SpamAssassin rate check

Mailing Check works fine on Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Vista.

Please note that this is still a beta release. Hower use is perfectly safe, as the program does not alter any file in your system. Start now your mail check spam rating.

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