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If you use MailingCheck program on your mailing list email message before sending, the email will be probably sent to everybody maximizing the inbox rate.

We developed a bulk email software to let you complete the next part of the email marketing chain: mass email sending with personalized email content and subject.

  • Import mailing list data from Outlook, Excel and Access (via CSV)
  • Import directly from Outlook Express contacts
  • Automate email sending
  • Personalize each email content and subject
  • Remove boucebacks from mailing list
  • Manage Subscriptions and Unsubscriptions
  • Add new mailing list members via website form mail
  • Pause and Replay sending
  • Autocomplete interrupted mailings
  • Duplicate sends control
  • Manage blacklists

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If you are new to email marketing, maybe you need a complete all-in-one solution, an automated email sender and a bulk email mailing list manager, you can try SendBlaster, our mailing list manager and mass email sender engine, all in a simple desktop software. It works great with MailingCheck:

SendBlaster Logo Image

SendBlaster is a mailing list manager that will let you communicate with your customers and friends by creating and sending customized e-mails using your database (.mdb) and integrating with your web site mailing list.
SendBlaster never sends the same email twice: featuring our SmartSend Engine.

Starting your professional e-mail marketing campaign is a matter of minutes with SendBlaster (yes we have a downloadable Free Edition too)

  1. Compose your message or choose a template
  2. Import your existing contact list or create it from scratch
  3. Merge your customer information in the email text and subject
  4. Send out your mailing

SendBlaster is 3 tools in 1:

  • a composer (which comes with plenty of pre-made templates);
  • a powerful mailing lists manager: filters and organize your mailing list database ;
  • a fast email blast software and bulk e-mail sender with merging functionalities (dear Mr. Smith instead of Dear Customer)

Download here Image Link


Import to SendBlaster your Optin- subscription mailing list.
You will be able to send every email with a different customization… and all from your computer!
Since SendBlaster is a bulk emailer desktop software, there will never be recurring fees… or maximum number of sent email blast.

*Please note that the free version of SendBlaster Bulk emailer sends up to 100 emails, for unlimited sends check the PRO version.


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